Author: BML Personal Training

We all have doubts…


So today I woke up doubting myself. I looked in the mirror and looked at my wibbly tummy and thought, no amount of exercise will get rid of this! And I’m right, it won’t, for my tummy shows the marks of Hayden, my incredibly, gorgeous son. This stomach should be my pride and joy, not the flesh that I look at in disgust. If it wasn’t for my amazing body, there would be no Hayden!
So why do I look at it in disgust!? Because society tells us that toned and honed women are what we want to look at and be like; because marketing companies use sex to sell and those with slim, toned physique’s are the ones they use, because if you don’t conform to the norm you’re made to feel inadequate.
Well guess what ladies, its 2017… there is no norm, there is no perfect body. A perfect body is the one that you are happy and content with, a perfect body is a healthy body, not a body that is completely unachievable for the general population, a perfect body is one that is fit

and healthy so that you can play with your children/grand children and enjoy a good quality of life, a perfect body is one that allows you to go to work in the morning with a spring in your step, a perfect body is one that fights illness, a perfect body is one that allows you to do all the things you want to do! That’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Enjoying a long, happy, fruitful life in what ever way makes you happy; so if happiness comes in the form of going for a run – great, if happiness comes in the form of family time – great, if happiness comes in the form of going out with friends – great, but just remember why you exercise and eat healthily and apply a sensible rationale to it, rather than trying to be what society shows us in the media we should be. Body, mind, life – if we look after this the rest will follow and I can help you to do this.Watch this space lovely people.

– Emma